D&M Consultants, Inc 

Fairweather Lodges, Supported Independence Programs, 
and Specialized Residential Homes 
A "Choice" Option For Mental Health Consumers


Mission Statement 
D & M Consultants, Inc. is committed to the provision of quality service for persons with mental illness and/or developmental disabilities by offering choices that include housing, recreational, vocational and therapeutic opportunities.

Vision Statement
In facilitation of this mission, it is the vision of
D&M Consultants, Inc. that individuals we serve will recognize their self worth, find fulfillment through achievement and overcome defeat through perseverance.  In attainment of this vision, individuals we serve will become integral contributors to the community in which they live.

Value Statement
Opportunities that provide employment for the individuals we 
A commitment to a recovery model of rehabilitation
Opportunities to educate the consumers they serve on areas that are of interest to them
The rewards achieved through learning the process of interdependence

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